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Our Philosophy

To be truly in touch with who you are is the essence of personal power. Our individual coaching strategies have been designed for responsible and self-motivated adults who know the past is a landscape that can never be altered. We work together to discover the strength of your personal authenticity in the present, so as to enhance the quality of your life in the future.


The Unitive® approach to personal and professional coaching is very different to therapy. It does not create a climate of regression by focusing on issues of personal powerlessness relating to past events. Neither will it exploit the universal human tendency to transfer power to figures of authority, or use it as a valid tool for dealing with present life issues.


As one-to-one, personal coaches, we will never take over responsibility by acting as expert authorities, or by telling you what you should or should not do. Our approach invokes a dialogue of acceptance between equals, and so eliminates the risk of an imbalanced relationship of dependency or need developing between coach and client.  It will enable you to examine the validity of your present goals and to discover your true vocation in the real world of the here-and-now.


What you presently perceive as difficulties and problems in your personal and working life will become the focus of balanced and integrated work together. You will be guided in the development of your innate ability to take up the reins of your own life and to realise authentic and self-empowering solutions.


We are dedicated to giving you the total and undivided attention to which you have always been entitled. You will be listened to, respected, and accepted in each and every one of your many facets. With total faith in your unique integrity, you will be guided toward the realisation that you have all the answers to life’s questions within yourself.


By creating a mutual bond of trust and commitment we will each of us act as a non-distorting mirror and reflect you as you really are.

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