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Our Unitive® Approach

Our Unitive® approach to personal and professional coaching is not based on any pre-conceived theory or set of techniques. Instead, it provides a safe and secure holistic framework, individually designed to support you through a creative process of self-awareness and potential fulfilment. Unitive® coaching doesn’t assume, as most if not all other coaching approaches do, that you as a person need in some way to improve, to work toward some future goal, to change yourself for the better. Instead, it leads to a total personal acceptance of the way things actually are, at any given moment. This does not mean that individual action in that moment is useless and a waste of time. What it does imply is that whatever it is that you presently choose to do – including the possibility that you choose to do nothing – will take you to a different place than where you are right now. As the way things really are is in a constant state of flux, you need to surrender to the on-going process of change – to go with the flow. Our Unitive® approach to coaching will facilitate your self-awareness and your understanding of what’s really happening in the world about you in the ever-changing reality of the here-and-now.


Personal authenticity is all about experiencing each event in your life as a present reality, instead of looking at it through the distorting mirror of the past. Once you’ve become part of that experience, your entire being – mind, body, and feelings – becomes an instrument for opening up receptive channels of communication between your own true responses and those of the people who share your present environment.


The uniquely effective Unitive® coaching process never loses sight of the basic fact that life’s ’problems’ don’t actually exist in the external world – the world ’out there’ – but only in the way that you’ve been conditioned to perceive that world. The unresolved issues that will inevitably arise in the course of your personal and/or working life will inevitably have a negative effect not only on your waking hours but also prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. But, the fact remains that although you actually have within you everything you need to follow your true path in life, you’ve been led to believe that this is not the case – that the only way you can achieve personal authenticity is by buying into some simplistic quick-fix re-conditioning programme that aims to attract and to process the widest possible consumer base.


To become personally authentic involves a sea-change in the self. It’s a shift from the personal to the transpersonal; from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Instead of trying to influence events from the outside, you find you’ve become an integral part of them. It’s a transforming process: experiencing the power of the present instead of just observing it. The magical aura it radiates is called charisma – the hallmark of true individuality.


Unitive® coaching has been designed to give you, the client, unconditional positive regard within a one-to-one dialogue. It is totally dedicated to offering you the best personal coaching facility presently available, for practical application in your every-day personal, social and working life.


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