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Here’s a selection of coaching testimonials and quotes from individuals, organisations and the quality press:

“My Charles Bentley Associates personal coach absorbs facts and helps me figure out what’s going on.”
City entrepreneur and property developer, as quoted in The Financial Times


“Charles Bentley runs his own personal and corporate coaching business, helping executives to balance a nine to five – more likely to be an eight to eight – with the more important things in life.”
The Daily Telegraph


“I have known Dr Bentley and his work for a number of years… I am greatly impressed by his manner and style at making people relaxed and feel accepted. He is highly perceptive and combines analytical and intuitive insights. I have sent him individuals during episodes of personal crisis and self-doubt, and would not hesitate to refer to him religious and priests in need of a lay facilitator. He is excellent in his work.”
The Rev. Fr. Michael Seed STD PhD, Ecumenical Officer, Westminster Cathedral


“As the wife of a senior Finnish diplomat, I came to the Unitive professional coaching course all the way from Mozambique. The experience gave me a new and profound understanding of myself and made my personal career plans much clearer. I can highly recommend coaching with Dr. Bentley to anyone who is looking for deeper changes in one’s life and work.”
Maarit Suokas-Alanko, Helsinki, Finland


“Thank you so much for your participation in our programme… some truly insightful moments were vocalised in Dave Stewart’s session with you.”
Mark James, director, Omnibus, BBC1 TV


“The workshop certainly provoked thought… people both enjoyed it and found it extremely useful. I would describe it as an extremely worthwhile exercise.”
Elaine Richardson, training manager. Bedfordshire NHS Authority

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